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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Durango Colorado last few days

We love eating at Ken and Sue's on Main -- yeah, that's a philly cheesesteak

MDW adding fuel to the fire

23rd anniversary -- last nine spent at Seasons except for that one when Seasons burned down. Not my fault. 

Black Angus Sirloin, onion strings, smashed potatoes.  

Fave restaurant in SW -- Seasons

Not much snow this Christmas

Amy standing out on the lake, frozen she hopes. 

2011 Was a Very Good Year

2011 was a good year.  Mac and I had our Colorado Flyfishing:Where to Eat, Sleep and Fish book come out from Johnson Books and it has been selling well all year.  I signed two more book deals, this time with new imprint Stonefly Press; one is secret but I'll reveal it down the line (it's big) and the other is the NM counterpart to the eat-sleep-fish book.  We are going over the final details for the University of New Mexico Press coffee table book, 49 Trout Streams of Southern Colorado (photo heavy but fun text too) and this book will be out in Spring 2012.

Mac and I finished a book last year for an unnamed publisher but they're holding the book so we're in deliberations.  After I finish these two Stonefly Press books, I'll have 18 under my belt. Back in 1989 when I first started writing, I wasn't sure I'd ever get one.

At North Heights, we completed the Amarillo tourism app and are waiting to publish it.  We also have a new multimedia studio in my room.
My Dallas Mavericks won their first championship, my Texas Rangers got to the World Series for their second year in a row and my Cowboys disappointed again.  Amy enjoyed a year of writing and modeling for Gap's Athleta line, my little Athleta Girl.  Fished a lot including Valle Vidal, all of southern Colorado.

I also have a book with my agent that I think is killer --- Dealbreaker.  Think of all the things a potential partner might do or be or have that would be dealbreakers.  That's the book.

I have the best friends but I made a lot of friends, both in person and online.    I look forward to this next year.