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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Next stop: Crested Butte

Mac ran back to Amarillo to be with his kids for Father's Day. My daughter Sarah is 24 and living in Daphne AL so Amy and I will be taking the dogs, Princess and Piper, to Crested Butte for some research. Amy and I have two books coming out next month --- Top 30 Things to Do in Telluride, Top 30 Things to Do in Durango --- and we're already working on the next two. One is Crested Butte so our research will be dual purpose.

We'll day hike, hit 7 creeks, 3 rivers, several lakes and reservoirs and generally have a blast. It's one thing for me and the guys to camp and smell and act like boys so it'll be interesting to see how Amy camps out without a shower for a few days. Maybe I can get her to go Blazing Saddles around the campfire.

Link to Amarillo Globe News article (second in the series for the paper chronicling the 50 days across Colorado):

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