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Sunday, May 29, 2011

790 Sports Talk Radio interview by Doug Pike

second part of interview with 790 Sports Talk Radio Sat May 28


  1. I enjoyed this tremendously Mark! I feel like I've discovered a new Thurber! Also, your book Colorado Flyfishing, Where to Eat, Sleep, Fish is a masterpiece of writing! It will accompany me on my travels around the state. Thanks again for participating in the Windknots contest and I hope you'll drop by once in awhile and say hi.

  2. Thanks for all the kind words. The Colo FF book was tons of fun to put together and we're writing a followup coffee table photo-heavy book this summer. I"ll let you know our whereabouts throughout late June through August and perhaps we can hook up and fish.

  3. Mark, I'd like that a long as I don't end up in a chapter of stupid human tricks.